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As much as we would all love to fly to Paris with just a credit card in our wallet and a smile on our faces, this may not always be feasible; nor all that great to be honest. I once found myself abroad for the week-end having forgotten to pack underwear (who on earth does that?) and I actually resented having to waste a whole morning in the City of Love roaming department stores for ones I liked. I realized then that the only shopping spree I truly appreciate is the utterly superfluous one. Or one at Victoria’s Secret.

Anyhow...packing for a few days away is not rocket science, I know, but I reason you may appreciate some tried-and-tested tips nonetheless.

Top 5 things NOT to pack for a week-end getaway

Feb 26th 2014, 10:49 by Laura Pattara

Now I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch nor, as they say in Italy, catch my bear before selling it’s skin however I am under the impression that one certain budget airline’s infamous and sometimes bloody battles of the boarding gate may well be on their way to becoming as historic as Waterloo. Having recently taken 4 flights with this particular company - despite telling myself and my husband that we would never fly with them again, battle weary after one war too many– we found ourselves in need of cheap flights and of course, this airline was the most economic option. Booking online using an improved website, no longer requires 25 clicks to book one flight and within record time we were printing out boarding passes WITH ALLOCATED SEATING!

The Battle of The Boarding Gate

Feb 18th 2014, 08:16 by Michelle Reid

Do you spend your lunch-break scouring deals on Kayak and checking out reviews on Trip Advisor? Does your dog growl when you get home but leaps with bliss when he sees your house sitter? If you answered yes to these, I have some bad news. You, my fellow nomad, may be a travel-addict.

Travel is like a drug, it affects people of all ages and for all sorts of different reasons. Some people travel to relax, others to explore new lands and discover foreign cultures. It matters not why, how or when one travels, as long as that itch is satisfied on a regular basis, then the travel-addict will remain calm, cool and collected. Much like all other addictions, travel also has a way of sneaking up on you insidiously. You won’t realise you have a problem, of course; not until a visiting friend asks you why your shower caddy is full with miniature shampoo bottles and why there are 27 pairs of fluffy white hotel slippers next to your front door.

Top 15 signs you’re a travel addict

Feb 14th 2014, 13:40 by Laura Pattara

We all love a week-end away in another country. The change of scenery, pace, food and...well...everything, is as rejuvenating for the soul as a daylong pamper session at Aveda is for the body. But to be honest, sometimes I do wish foreign countries didn’t come with foreign languages. Mostly, because I really suck at them.

So I thought I’d compile a genial guide to help the linguistically challenged. You know, those tortured souls who start a dozen online language courses a year and never bother to stick at one longer than a few weeks. Is that just me? Well, this year might be different. Inshallah.

Here are some wicked tips to help you blend right in...no matter where you go.

How to Avoid Those Lost in Translation Moments When Travelling

Feb 7th 2014, 13:44 by Laura Pattara

Sure, all clubs in Berlin are crazy, but some grab their nutty factor and run – and run and run. In contrast to somber, concrete temples like Berghain or Tresor, these clubs have gone the Burning Man route with artsy labyrinths, enormous sculptures, and even floating swimming pools. Our recommendations are the places you’d want to write home about, if there was only an adequate way of describing them…

Kater Holzig Kater Holzig is for adults what the best playground is like for kids: a far-out place where no one judges you for playing hide-and-go-seek for hours. There’s wooden platforms, hidden bars, rows of confessional booths and cheeky artwork. While it’s open year-round, it reaches a peak of insanity when the whole place is opened up in the summer and for special events.

The Five Craziest Clubs in Berlin

Feb 1st 2014, 12:58 by Allison Guy