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When visiting a foreign city for the week-end, there’s always an overwhelming desire to see and do it all. I don’t know about you, but whenever I plan a long-list of activities or sites to visit on a short break, I’m lucky if I even manage a third of what I initially envisaged. Nowadays, after having learnt my lesson about a dozen or so times, I’m a lot more realistic of how much I can accomplish in just three days in a city.

I now know that I need to account for time getting to and from places and I also keep my energy and interest levels in check. No matter how much I may want to museum-hop aaaalllll day, I know I get bored after about three hours. So I keep it real. My enjoyment of getting jostled in big crowds is also time limited to about four hours, so I also no longer plan a full day outing to a major shopping street or busy commercial area.

Here are some tips on how to maximise your time, and minimize your stress!

How not to make the most of your week-end away

Don’t get me wrong...I love a hidden gem as much as the next traveller. Venturing off the tourist grid just a tad, and discovering an amazing place, person, sight, smell or taste, is as soul reviving as seeing some of the world’s most celebrated attractions. These moments of unexpected finds make one feel like an ancient explorer; perhaps the first and only soul to ever stumble upon a particular treasure.

Considering the fact we live in an era when you’d be hard pressed to unearth a nook of the world not yet ‘seen’ or ‘done’ by someone else (apparently there are a few in the depths of the Amazon but I’m far too allergic to all things sticky and bitey to prove the theory myself), feeling like a 21st century Marco Polo in Europe certainly has its rewards. Yet sometimes, I do wonder if our incessant drive to unveil the unexplored has the potential to lead us astray.

Are we doing the places we visit a disservice, by blatantly dismissing some of their most revered attractions?

Can the search of the authentic ever be taken too far?

Apr 16th 2014, 15:08 by Laura Pattara

Post your intention to pack your bags for a glorious week-end away to an amazing city and your Facebook feed will no doubt be inundated with 1001 snippets of advice, insider tips and invaluable hints. Or so it will seem...

Whilst your friends’ intentions are admirable, their actions are far less ‘priceless’ than they may appear. It’s bad enough that our own governments do nothing but warn us of the dangers of travelling abroad, whilst misleadingly leaving their own turf to appear as a safe haven, now we also have to listen to Aunt Betty who is adamant that all French people are rude and that Paris is just awash with young thuds just itching to snatch your bag. Never mind that Aunt Betty has never actually even been to Paris!

The Worst Travel Advice You Will Ever Hear

Apr 7th 2014, 12:39 by Laura Pattara