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Just when you thought Amsterdam couldn’t get any wackier!

Just when you thought Amsterdam couldn’t get any wackier!

Amsterdam has never been renowned as a boring, run-of-the-mill European capital, granted, but sometimes...just sometimes...we do wonder how wacky it can really get. Ever wanted to take a trip down the human body? We don’t mean figuratively speaking; we mean it in the most literal sense possible. Wanna jump up and down on a ginormous tongue, slide down an oesophagus and take a stroll alongside a femoral artery? Yes?! Well you are in luck intrepid explorer!

If you never want to think of your body in the same way again, do yourself a favour: on your next week-end away to Amsterdam, don’t forget to pay a visit to what is often touted as possibly the absolute wackiest ‘museum’ in the whole country.

And that’s saying a lot.

The Corpus Experience

On first impression, it does seem like Corpus Museum, with its half-body-half-building-design, is some kind of amusement-park ride. It honestly looks a little out of sorts where it stands, but the weirdness of seeing it along a busy Dutch highway is probably an apt reflection of its uniqueness. Let’s put it this way: at the very least, it is very intriguing, which is something not many museums can claim nowadays!

As you enter the knee through an open wound (yes indeed!) you’ll be taken on a one-hour educational show-and-tell tour inside an insanely detailed giant model of a human body. From the leg, all the way up the intestines, belly, heart, throat and, eventually, the brain. We’re talking arteries, capillaries, ventricles, neurons, bones and all sorts of bits and pieces you never even knew you were made of! Although this particular museum may not be ideal for claustrophobics, a visit will be a dream come true for all hypochondriacs, who’ll be forever able to name, and visualize, whichever body part they think is playing up.

To some, the comprehensive tour can be unsettling; experiencing how our bodies work in such, well, BIG and LOUD terms (the odd burp here and there is a classy touch) can be overwhelming. Head here with young tots and don’t be surprised if they freak out just a tad. Those huge, white teeth really are rather daunting...

We imagine young tweens would benefit the most and be the most enthralled by a visit at Corpus, although adults ought to find the novelty value interesting enough. Besides, we may have all learnt much of the human anatomy at school by reading books, yet we still bet you’ll remember more from wandering around a 35 metre tall model of a body instead!

You can take an English audio-tour through the body and then be free to peruse the interactive games and displays in the four-level museum part of the building.

How to get to Corpus Museum

First of all, it pays to note that you must book your tickets online before visiting, as tours are organized in time slots during the day. Corpus can get particularly busy, even during the week, when it is besieged by lots of overly-enthusiastic school groups! To book tickets just click here

Once your tickets are purchased, you could reach the museum either by car (if you have rented one for a few days of explorations outside the city) or, better still, go by public transport. The details on how to reach the museum by public transport are right here. If driving, head towards The Hague along the A44; you’ll find Corpus about 35kms out of Amsterdam.

Image: Museum.Addict

May 24th 2014, 22:26 by Laura Pattara

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