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The good old ‘Chippy’, about the most lovable nickname one could ever dream up for a ‘fish and chip shop’ has come to epitomize the true essence of British cuisine for over a century. NO! Not because it’s calorie laden and greasy, no! We mean because it’s such a simple dish of wholesome, comfort food which (when cooked to absolute perfection) can truly feed the soul!

The humble Chippy has a long and illustrious history in London, so much so that most locals feel they are as indicative of the city as their double-decker buses and unique black cabs. A survey done just three years ago revealed that most Londoners believe a plate of fish and chips to be more iconic than either the Queen or the Beatles. Who would argue?

That’s why we believe absolutely no London visit is ever complete without a super delicious feasting from one of the city’s superlative Chippies.

Starting to salivate at the thought of a beer battered fillet of your own? Well here’s our pick of the very best Chippies in London. In making our selection we’ve prioritized freshness (both fish AND chips must be fried on demand), quality of batter (thick but not so thick that it overpowers the taste of the cod or haddock) and lack of excess grease (oily fingertips = good, grease fountain down your chin = bad).

London: our top 3 very fave fish & chips shops

Aug 3rd 2014, 12:09 by Laura Pattara

Now I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch nor, as they say in Italy, catch my bear before selling it’s skin however I am under the impression that one certain budget airline’s infamous and sometimes bloody battles of the boarding gate may well be on their way to becoming as historic as Waterloo. Having recently taken 4 flights with this particular company - despite telling myself and my husband that we would never fly with them again, battle weary after one war too many– we found ourselves in need of cheap flights and of course, this airline was the most economic option. Booking online using an improved website, no longer requires 25 clicks to book one flight and within record time we were printing out boarding passes WITH ALLOCATED SEATING!

The Battle of The Boarding Gate

Feb 18th 2014, 08:16 by Michelle Reid