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What the locals say...

  • "I love Amsterdam because I can look out of my apartment window straight into the ones across the road and see exactly what everyone's having for supper!"

    Danielle Berclouw, Amsterdam

  • "I love Amsterdam for one major reason. I live happily there! "

    Harvey Blom, Amsterdam

  • "Us Amsterdammers can’t wait to be able to sit out on one of the city’s many outside terraces. The first ones out wear big sunglasses and heavy scarves – I love that! "

    Sanneke R, Amsterdam

  • "Amsterdam nights see the same activities as its days, who says you can’t wash your car at 4 am in the morning?"

    Trudie Stokman, Amsterdam

  • "No matter where I need to go in Amsterdam I walk, because when I arrive I always have some sort of story to tell about something I saw or that happened along the way.. "

    Danielle Berclouw, Amsterdam

  • "I wish I didn’t live in Amsterdam because if I didn’t I could go there on holiday.."

    K. Schippers, Amsterdam

  • "Like your rebellious uncle who dropped out of law school to do drugs and chase girls in the swinging sixties, Amsterdam might be old now, but it has plenty stories to tell."

  • "We love Amsterdam because we love the people - how happy everyone is when the sun shines, how safe it is and because it's full of boats!"

    Toby & Emily Brand, Amsterdam

  • "Amsterdam is a unique cultural mix of people from hundreds of different backgrounds. But they all speak the same tongue: the language of laidback, carefree fun."



l'Ozio in Amsterdam


Ferdinand Bolstraat 26

Moeders in Amsterdam


Rozengracht 251

Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam

Hotel de Goudfazant

Aambeeldstraat 10 H


Vesper in Amsterdam


Vinkenstraat 57

Amsterdam Roest in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Roest

Czaar Peterstraat 213

Vyne in Amsterdam


Prinsengracht 411

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