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What the locals say...

  • "I love Berlin because it's such a vibrant place where you can simply do anything!"

    Anon, Berlin

  • "Berlin drew Iggy Pop and David Bowie here in the 70s and its creativity, art, invention and reinvention will suck you in, too."

  • "Berlin’s not so much a city, as a movement, an attitude, a stance. It’s a statement of something new, bright and shiny emerging from the dark ruins of an oppressive past."

  • "When I walk home after a night full of music, dancing and meeting new friends and the sun rises little by little behind Alexanderturm, my head spins with memories of the day gone by and ahead is a new day full of adventures to happen - that´s when I know why I'm in this city.. "

  • "In Berlin, history is all around you. There’s the memorials, the Brandenburg Gate, the museums. Yet Berlin celebrates the here and now like there’s no tomorrow."



Cocolo Ramen in Berlin

Cocolo Ramen

Gipsstraße 3

Burgermeister in Berlin


Oberbaumstraße 8

Cookies Cream in Berlin

Cookies Cream

Behrenstraße 55


Club der Visionaere in Berlin

Club der Visionaere

Am Flutgraben 1

Loftus Hall in Berlin

Loftus Hall

Maybachufer 48

Salon - zur wilden Renate in Berlin

Salon - zur wilden Renate

Alt - Stralau 70


Badeschiff in Berlin


Eichenstrasse 4

Spree Park in Berlin

Spree Park

Kiehnwerderallee 1-3

Teufelsberg in Berlin



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