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What the locals say...

  • "It is a beautiful city to live in. We have a castle, the shore, the gardens (both Botanics and Princes St), Arthur's Seat, and history EVERYWHERE (the vaults, the cobbles, the palace, flodden wall)!"

    Lizzy D, Edinburgh

  • "There are few problems that cannot be overcome by a brisk walk up Arthur's Seat and taking in the views.."

    Afrikat, Edinburgh

  • "We have the fringe every year! Even though it's full of tourists who do their best to get in our way, the city is full of music and comedy and street performers and it's perfectly acceptable to be hungover 6 days a week in August."

    Lizzy D, Edinburgh

  • "It’s a meandering, disorderly place that reeks of history, glamour and intrigue, and I fall in love with it again each and every time. "

    Kimire, Edinburgh

  • "Saying that Edinburgh is beautiful is as hackneyed and predictable as announcing that water is wet and politicians are sometimes a bit shifty, and yet there’s just no escaping the fact: our capital city is simply stunning.. "

    Kimire, Edinburgh

  • "Edinburgh has more to offer than simple attractiveness: this doughty lady has substance as well as style.."

    Kimire, Edinburgh

  • "The best way is to arrive with no agenda and simply wander down the High Street, diving down whichever of the mysterious closes takes your fancy and allowing yourself to get thoroughly distracted by whatever cafe, museum or general oddity you find lurking there. "

  • "To dawdle dreamily across Waverley Bridge on a clear winter’s day is surely to glimpse one of the most inspirational and uplifting skylines that this world possesses.."

    Kimire, Edinburgh

  • "Edinburgh is like an elegant elderly aunty who is perfectly well aware of her lingering good looks but feels no need to shout about them. "

    Kimire, Edinburgh



The Dogs in Edinburgh

The Dogs

110 Hanover Street

The Roseleaf in Edinburgh

The Roseleaf

23-24 Sandport Place

Urban Angel in Edinburgh

Urban Angel

121 Hanover Street


Under the stairs in Edinburgh

Under the stairs

3 Merchant Street

Anteaques in Edinburgh


17 Clerk Street

Missoni in Edinburgh


1 George IV Bridge


The Cameo in Edinburgh

The Cameo

38 Home Street

Demijohn in Edinburgh


32 Victoria Street

Cramond Island in Edinburgh

Cramond Island

Cramond Glebe Road

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