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What the locals say...

  • "As a teenager I used to wish I could run away to London. Now I have.."

    Sally Hayward, London

  • "People have a lot of different views about London – like it’s really buzzing or cosmopolitan. But my favourite view is from the top of the London Eye, looking down the Thames towards Parliament."

    Nigel, London

  • "It's amazing how you wake up in the morning, walk out the door, see the same things / people, yet notice something new everyday. And you just fall in love with the city all over again... It's a never-ending love affair.. :)"

    Anjana Menon, London

  • "Born in London, live in London, work in London, play in London, love the buzz and all the things I can do, see, hear, taste... you get me?"

    Helen Bronstein, London

  • "In London you're always only a few minutes away from something big, be it historically, personally or just literally."

    Jack Benzie, London

  • "Sorry - no time to tell you why I love London - must dash to meet up with my friends, try out the new café down the road, catch that exhibition, get the theatre tickets... and (of course) buy something to wear.."

    Diana Rossborough, London



Polpo in London


41 Beak Street

Bill's in London


St Martin's Courtyard

Sketch: The Gallery in London

Sketch: The Gallery

9 Counduit Street


Borough Market in London

Borough Market

8 Southwark Street

Bowl of Chalk in London

Bowl of Chalk


Feast in London


The Quadrangle, St Thomas Street

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