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What the locals say...

  • "Because you can sit drinking a coffee on a terrace outside and spot new details in the surrounding architecture for hours on end.."

    Anya, Prague

  • "I am not a local but I have spent a lot of time there and I will be back someday Prague, but then to live with you.."

    Anon, Finland

  • "You either 'get' Prague immediately or it totally evades you.."

    Karen, Prague

  • "Prague calls, but not to everyone, only to those it wants.."

    Anon, Prague

  • "Because we do have Starbucks, KFC and Mac Donalds but you don't really see them as the city's character and architecture is so defining and overpowering.."

    Alena, Prague

  • "In most places, you find out about the history of the place from museums. Prague is different because all the exciting stuff’s just happened. So you learn about it from coffee shops and bars."


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