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What the locals say...

  • "I love Venice because at least twice a day you can hear a local give an American tourist directions in Veneto dialect.."

    Lilliana, Venice

  • "Venice isn’t so much about entering a city as going to another place in time – a place where sublime art, high culture, Baroque music, delicious food and romance never went out of fashion."

  • "I love Venice because I have lived here for three years and I still get lost!"

    Anon, Venice

  • "Venice is beautiful and unique, you will find a magic here unlike any other city in the world.."

    Claudia, Venice

  • "You can't look at your feet while walking anywhere in Venice- There is way too much else to look at!"

    Anon, Venice

  • "I love Venice because you can turn a corner and find the house where Mozart used to live while you were looking for Burger King.."

    Sabrina, Venice

  • "Even when I'm in a rush or have many things on my mind I always take the time to look at her ever changing colors, light and reflections.."

    Paola, Venice

  • "I love the reflections in the canals and the lit up windows at night. I try and imagine the lives of those living behind them, now and centuries ago.."

    Anon, Venice

  • "I love Venice because while wandering around you could be suddenly surprised by music bursting out from one of the open windows.."

    Michaela, Venice

  • "I like Venice best when I am walking home at 4 in the morning, when there are no open shops, people or sounds bringing me back to the 21st century.."

    Gioia, Venice

  • "It is impossible to find yourself anywhere in Venice and not be awed by what you see.."

    Daniela, Venice



Luna Sentada in Venice

Luna Sentada

campo san severo Sestiere Castello 5018

L'Anice Stellato in Venice

L'Anice Stellato

Cannaregio 3272

Osteria alla Bifora in Venice

Osteria alla Bifora

Campo Santa Margherita 2930


Cafe Noir in Venice

Cafe Noir

Calle crosera dorsoduro 3805

Frulala in Venice


Cannaregio 5620

Bacaro Risorto in Venice

Bacaro Risorto

dorsoduro fondamenta gherardini 123

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