Hi there all you city tripping, trolley rolling, thrill seeking travel fans! Thanks for dropping in on our Go To Town travel guides. Our little team at GTT travel Europe quite a bit but like you we don’t like tourist traps, crappy chains or shiny, slick invented concepts. We prefer to hang around the local hotspots in Barcelona, seek out quirky places in Berlin, unusual bars in Prague and the coolest places in London..

So when it comes to trip planning we’ve got your back. We’ve trooped around some of Europe’s best cities to source and serve up the most quirky cafes, kitsch bars, best restaurants, unique things to do in Venice and we’ve got some pretty offbeat ideas on places to visit in Berlin.. So if you super spontaneously book a last minute city break and need some travel tips & travel inspiration we’ve done the travel thang for you so all you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride..

We are not saying the places on the site are the best but they are one of the ones that rock, that rule and are unique in their own special way. Places so cool you need to wear sunnies to even think about them or so ‘local & laid-back’ you could easily go in bedhair and trackies, places that have a genius concept or the people that work there are so super friendly you’ve gone from being a punter to being best pals..

We also don’t want to overload with info. When perusing the site you’ll find just a handful of places to go which get changed regularly so the info is always updated and fresh, (If you sign up you can save the ones you like though. You never know when you might be back..)

We love sharing travel stories so if you’ve discovered a really cool spot for lunch in Paris, Berlin’s craziest night spot or the loudest & liveliest tapas bar in Barcelona we’re all ears. You know, those hidden corners where when you got there for the first time you were already telling the others about it in your head- we love hearing about those!

So here it is, we hope you enjoy our alternative city guide! Happy travelling people and hey, if you are a local-in-the-know and enjoy writing we could work out a good deal so you could write for us!

Team Go To Town

A very big thank you to Agus & Eli Vera (Barcelona), Andrea H. (Rome), Bryony C. (Edinburgh), David Drengk (Berlin), Deanna Williams (Edinburgh), Donna R.M. (Barcelona), Paola Giacomuzzi (Venice), Paola P. (Rome)

These guys have helped us out loads with tips, research and sound advice! Thanks guys! ☺ We owe you one!