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Barcelona - eat - Bar Tomas

Bar Tomas

Legendary across Barcelona for its superb patatas bravas.

Legendary little tapas bar famous not only in the Sarriá area but in the whole of Barcelona.

The interior is nothing special but people come here for the food and that we can tell you is very good, especially the 'patatas bravas', the main reason why this small tapas bar is so well known. They're absolutely delicious with a super tasty sauce which is a well guarded secret..

Bar Tomas is refreshingly unpretentious and you'll be able to find all sorts of people of all sorts of ages here to enjoy the food and the vibe and they can't all be wrong now can they?


Because Catalans call it 'the one and only'..

Also my Catalan chef friend raves about their 'patates bravas'.. according to him they are simply the very best in Barcelona..

cuisine: Tapas

address: Mayor de Sarriá 49
08017 Barcelona

phone: 932 031 077

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