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Amsterdam - eat - Bosco


Classic Amsterdam café food and amazing wall art in a trendy, relaxed atmosphere.

Go to cool Cafe Bosco for a relaxed atmosphere and to check out their awesome wall art. They couldn't decide between the work of two different artists so had them collaborate instead!

Drop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anywhere in between for a drink, snack, coffee or a meal. Decent prices, good food and smiles all round at Bosco's! When we came in the girl behind the bar gave us a huge 'Hello!' with a hand and a whole arm that went up in the air, same as the corners of her mouth. How nice is that?

Their dinner menu changes regularly and features fresh, seasonal ingredients, organic and regional where possible. No paper menu though as these guys prefer to come over and talk you through the daily options.

Bosco has enormous windows and an extra large terrace so you can unwind and relax while you watch the traffic and trams zoom by while you decide to have another drink, which is fine considering you've been a good tourist all day..


Slightly out of the center towards the west of the city but, hey, it's Amsterdam so it's probably 5 minutes from where you are right now.

Bosco is one of those places you can bring any of your mates at any time and never go wrong..

cuisine: Dutch classics with a twist

address: Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 7-9
1054 BN Amsterdam

phone: 020 2213480

website: Bosco

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