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Barcelona - eat - Chez Coco

Chez Coco

Gleaming rotisseries roast away in café with charm to spare.

This spacious new restaurant is reminiscent of a 19th century French rotisserie. Fowl, lamb and suckling pig are cooked on one of three large grills in the open kitchen surrounded by gleaming copper pots and beautiful retro style tiles.

The chef wears a proper white chef's hat while cooking his socks off in this charming kitchen with its old school black and white checkerboard floors.

We love the spectacular, rococo decor and the delicious glass cabinets with kitschy cakes on display. The quality of Chez Coco's dishes are as impressive as its decor because the food is affordable and cooked to perfection.

Round of the evening with aplomb by having a boozy coffee in their beautiful courtyard lit by lanterns and fairy lights while surrounded by leafy green..


Because it oozes character, because they are doing something different and because they are doing this well..

cuisine: Rotisserie

address: Av. Diagonal 465
08036 Barcelona

phone: 934 449 822

website: Chez Coco

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