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Paris - eat - Comestibles & Marchand de Vins

Comestibles & Marchand de Vins

Tapas, wines by the glass, and charm coming out the ears.

We had allready fallen for Sebastien's charm when he owned restaurant 'Rouge Passion' but now this savvy food enthusiast and wine lover has started up this new venture which combines a 'tapas style restaurant' a deli and wine cellar. Hurray! Sit at one of the bright blue tables outside sipping on a glass of -well, why not?- champagne watching the Montmartre action or sit inside and choose one of the many beautiful wines available per glass.. We love the interior which has heaps of character with its exposed brick walls, wooden beams and wooden tables and all the jars, pots, bottles and tins on display make it impossible not to order something to eat to accompany that glass of 'rouge'.. Think cheese plates, cold cuts, chorizo, Pata Negra & Burrata...


Because apart from Sebastien's big smile and hearty 'bonjour' he really knows his stuff and can make some good recomendations on tasty stuff to eat/ drink now or take home making 'Comestibles' one of these places that you either know is there or is a very lucky find..

cuisine: Mediterranean

address: 65 Rue du Mont-Cenis
75018 Paris

phone: 017 3705 628

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