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Prague - eat - Lehka Hlava

Lehka Hlava

On the shortest street in Prague in a historic house built in 1410 is Lehka Hlava or clear head, a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant unusually decorated in a slightly mad, slightly psychedelic sort of way.. This non-smoking restaurant where 'you won't meat and you won't mind' focuses on healthy, freshly prepared dishes ranging from liquid salads to eggplant quesadilla's and from oriental stir-fry's to zucchini spaghetti with raw tomato sauce and sunflower seeds.. Trust me -it's good and even the most carnivorous meat eaters wont have to worry about having to pick up a gyro on the way home as the meals are very delicious and filling too! Fairy tale-like Lehka Hlava is small and gets very busy so it's best to book..

Note that their menu changes very regularly so they might not have one or more of the dishes mentioned above..


Because the home-made cheesecake with strawberry sauce is a real cheesecake and is not for sharing, not even a teeny, tiny bite... Also the menu states that monks and enlightened beings eat for free!

cuisine: Vegetarian

address: Boršov 2
11000 Prague

phone: 222 220 665

website: Lehka Hlava

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