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Venice - eat - Luna Sentada

Luna Sentada

I walked passed here during the day and thought immediately: 'This is where I want to eat tonight’. Owner Ermanno (who also serves these lovely dishes) is well travelled and offers a clever menu mixing traditional Venetian dishes with both Asian and Mediterranean twists. The menu sounds crazy but my god- does it taste good! The interior is in sync with the travel-themed menu with framed maps, brown linen napkins tied with string and candles in rolled up paper maps. The restaurant is quite small and seems to be always busy so it's probably best to book.. If I could only recommend one restaurant in Venice, Luna Sentada would be it.. The food is original and absolutely delicious!


The only negative thing was that we couldn't eat too much as we had a huge overpriced not-so-good lunch. Should definitely have saved ourselves for this place..

cuisine: Fusion Venetian-Asian-Mediterranean (!)

address: campo san severo Sestiere Castello 5018
30122 Venice

phone: 041 309 7891

website: Luna Sentada

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