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Amsterdam - eat - Moeders


Moeders features an epic collection of family photos and dishes just like mom used to make – if your mom was Dutch.

Moeders = Dutch for 'Mothers'.. A great place to try some typical Dutch food in an informal, cosy and friendly atmosphere. The owner, Jurriaan, asked all his quests to bring a plate, glass and cutlery for the opening back in 1990. With all those different plates, wineglasses etc. the tables are still set today. An even quirkier touch is 'Moeders' collection of pictures of mothers.. Check out the walls in the restaurant which are completely covered with hundreds and hundreds of framed and unframed pictures of mums. Mamma mia!


Because you can try some traditional Dutch dishes while sitting at a crazily set table and stare at hundreds of mums at the same time!

cuisine: Dutch!

address: Rozengracht 251
1016 SX Amsterdam

phone: 020 6267957

website: Moeders

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