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Rome - eat - Obika


Worship at the altar of bufala in the world’s first mozzarella bar.

As someone who could eat a ball of mozzarella like an apple, for breakfast, lunch and dinner it comes as no surprise that when in Rome I make a beeline for Piazza di Firenza where the world's first mozzarella bar was opened!

Cutting boards, starters, salads, pizza's and pasta's are all centered around the high quality Mozzarella di Buffala Campana DOP and 19.30 is the perfect time to arrive as it's when Obika's aperitivo time starts which is when you can team a crisp white with tasty bocconcini (the little baby versions of the really good stuff of which I could wolf down at least ten in 30 seconds.) There are plenty of other tasty, little treats as well and their regular menu lists miniature sized desserts... Oh stop!

cuisine: Mozzarella!

address: Via dei Prefetti
00186 Rome

phone: 066 832 630

website: Obika

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