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Barcelona - eat - Restaurant Me

Restaurant Me

An irresistible blend of Vietnamese, Catalan and New Orleans cooking.

This spectacular restaurant is only a stone's throw away from the busy throngs of Passeig de Gràcia and is what you get when a Vietnamese architecture student and a Catalan professor in architecture meet in a New Orleans university and start having creative thoughts involving food instead of buildings..

This crazy-beautiful restaurant serves a hybrid of New Orleans, Vietnamese and Catalan cooking which tastes delicious! The wildly different flavours and styles seem an unlikely match but come together perfectly and pretty much the same can be said for their interior.. Illustrated murals adorn the open brick walls and lots of different ties hang loosely from the restaurant's plentitude of lamps, naturally..


Cutting edge and affordable. I have been here three times and each visit has been amazing..

cuisine: Fusion

address: Carrer de París 162
08036 Barcelona

phone: 934 194 933

website: Restaurant Me

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