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Berlin - eat - Schneeweiss


A sleek, all-white restaurant that serves delicious Alpine cuisine.

'Snow white' is a very apt name for this minimal, almost-all-white hipster restaurant. A cool crowd sips latte's during the day and enjoys it's tasty Alpine cuisine during the evenings. Schneeweiss has won prizes for it's cool, clean and crisp interior, but despite it's frosty design has a pleasingly 'neighborhood atmosphere'. The food is good and very reasonably priced and in summer there is a large terrace outside. Personally I would not normally go for this 'heavy' sort of cuisine but it was totally delicious! Love the 5 metre long, icy, crystal chandelier.


Because it's classy and cool without being all 'style over substance' and because the service is a lot warmer than its chilly-chic interior might imply..

cuisine: Alpine

address: Simplonstraße 16
10245 Berlin

phone: 030 2904 9704

website: Schneeweiss

A Person

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Dec 21st 2018, 09:31

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