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London - eat - Sketch: The Gallery

Sketch: The Gallery

Far-out and achingly hip, Sketch’s cuisine is as colorful as its décor

Sketch is located in an 18th century town house and consists of the 'Lecture room & Library'- an exclusive & luxurious Michelin star dining room, the 'Parlour' which serves breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails, an enchanted fairy tale forest (!) another bar and 'The Gallery'.

Contemporary artist Martin Creed designed this impossibly cool gastro brasserie 'The Gallery' and could basically do 'whatever he liked'.. The result is pretty extreme but -wow!- ab-so-lut-ely stunning! The marble zig-zagged floor is made up out of 96 different types of marble (as Creed couldn't decide which one he preferred..) and there is no table-chair-glass or piece of cutlery alike.. The food is imaginative and as bold and visual as its surroundings would suggest so eat your art out.. Service is sweet and switched on but prices are steep but then you pay for the experience not to mention the food which is really rather exquisite..


Good for people-watching well heeled London.. and I think the interior is genius.. All in all we think the beautifully designed Gallery is definitely worth a visit even if your wallet is bound to take a bit of a pounding....

cuisine: Modern European

address: 9 Counduit Street
W1S 2XG London

phone: 020 7659 4500

website: Sketch: The Gallery

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