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Barcelona - eat - Tapas 24

Tapas 24

Old-school character compliments unusual, high-end tapas.

This tapas restaurant tends to be packed with a queue so long it starts outside the door! It has a great atmosphere of unrestrained Catalan conviviality with proper Spanish high noise levels but even better are the innovative, gourmet versions of classic tapas made from market fresh ingredients.

Tapas 24 are known for the 'Bikini' - a tiny toasted cheese, ham and black truffle sandwich and the 'Mc Foie Burger' - both divine.

If you can, bag a seat at the bar with full view of the open kitchen while you sip on a glass of cava and tuck into a plate of their 'Boquerones al Limon'..

This place might be a little pricier but all in all we say it's well worth the wait..


Because it's busy and buzzy and there is the 'Xocolata' - three scoops of chocolate mousse garnished with tiny pieces of toasted bread, olive oil and sea salt... I rest my case..

cuisine: Tapas

address: Carrer de la Diputació 269
08007 Barcelona

phone: 934 880 977

website: Tapas 24

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