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Edinburgh - eat - The Dogs

The Dogs

Doggone affordable wine and inventive British cuisine.

'The Dogs' is for everyone who wants great value food and wine in a chilled environment without frills or fuss. The small and ‘dressed down’ ‘dogs’ is an easy access venue with a quirky and stylish interior…dark wood tables, cream walls and a high ceiling. I personally really like the canine theme and love the blown up portrait of the huge dog’s snout behind the bar.. The menu champions Scottish and British ingredients and prices are incredibly reasonable, particularly for such interesting and freshly cooked food. Flavors are generally robust and dishes hearty and solid. The wine list offers genuine choice so there is lots to discover for realistic prices..


It looks good. It tastes good. Job done. And as Franz Kafka once said: "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog"

cuisine: British/ Scottish

address: 110 Hanover Street
EH2 1DR Edinburgh

phone: 013 1220 1208

website: The Dogs

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Jul 27th 2018, 04:08

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