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London - eat - The Mall Tavern

The Mall Tavern

The Mall Tavern is a lovely old pub that has been stylishly revamped while keeping its original character. Chef Jess serves beautiful British food with a sense of humor.. Nostalgia galore with dishes such as parsnip & sherry- 'cop o' soup', arctic roll and cow pie.. For a super special treat reserve 'The chef's table' and LITERALLY be seated smack bang in the middle of the kitchen.. There is no menu at the chef's table and you will be encouraged to be daring and to share, taste and pass the food around. Dessert is an interactive experience and probably one of the most memorable dishes that you will have ever seen, so save room for it..


Because eating not near but IN the kitchen is pretty special and because The Mall Tavern is the kind of place you leave with a big smile on your face..

cuisine: Gastropub

address: 71-73 Palace Gardens Terrace
W8 4RU London

phone: 020 7229 3374

website: The Mall Tavern

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