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Edinburgh - eat - The Roseleaf

The Roseleaf

Get your “drinky poo” on with a side of tasty teatime meals.

This charming gung-ho bar/café with pretty teacups and a lovely shabby chic interior is owned by Jonny and Lyn who run 'The Roseleaf' with a heart and a sense of humor.. Everything is cooked from scratch in their wee kitchen.. The menu's 'tasty teatime meals tae fill yer belly' include: 'beef brothers' - seared popeseye steak with braised ox cheek wrapped in puff pastry sitting on a rooster tattie rostie square. Or for afters there is a 'Nutella fella' - gooey, sticky dark chocolate & toasted hazelnut sponge with steamy milk choccie sauce, vanilla ice cream and crunchy caramelized hazelnuts... Genial staff, a relaxed atmosphere and cask ales complete a happy picture. Ta for now 'Roseleaf', I'll be back..


Because they also serve deliciously wacky 'drinky poos' in chintzy teapots with mismatched crockery..

cuisine: Quality pub food

address: 23-24 Sandport Place
EH6 6EW Edinburgh

phone: 013 1476 5268

website: The Roseleaf

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