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London - eat - The Saltoun Supper Club

The Saltoun Supper Club

Ok, I'll tell you a secret.. But it will have to stay between you and me.. Every Wednesday and Thursday Arno Maasdorp (food stylist & photographer) turns his top-floor Brixton flat into a 16 seater restaurant... Ssshh! The furniture gets pushed aside and a 4 course dinner including homemade bread and treats gets served to the savvy guests who are smart enough to be there. Some might call it a guerilla restaurant, others a pop up diner but Arno calls it an underground restaurant that is an alternative to overpriced mainstream and fancy establishments... I call it brilliant..

Photo: Arno Maasdorp


"I love food! It is what I do best. I cook it, I photograph it, I paint it and, most of all, eat it!" - Arno Maasdorp

cuisine: Underground restaurant

address: Saltoun Road
SW2 1EW London

website: The Saltoun Supper Club

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