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London - eat - Timberyard


Big tables and comfy chairs make this breakfast-lunch spot a writer’s dream

When the first thing you see is a mountain of freshly made teacakes, tray bakes, cookies and buns, you know it's going to be a more-than-one-breakfast sort of day.. (Oh- the orange honey and polenta loaf!) Aside from the sweet stuff they've got lovely-filled-to-the-max-sandwiches with ingredients so fresh they talk back. Timberyard is not your regular coffee/ breakfast/ lunch place though.. They've re-invented and modernised the coffee experience as this large two storey space has plenty of huge wooden tables to work at and lots of comfy leather arm chairs (and a rocking chair for two) to sink into, so many in fact that it's not one of these cafe's where you check all corners with a tray full of yum stuff a little too late to discover there's actually nowhere to sit.. Light, fresh and airy it’s the sort of place where you come for a quick coffee & email check and find yourself leaving four hours later having done all of your online stuff for the next two days and having totally maxed out on those moreish muffins..


We also love the wax straws you get with your drink and the cute stacks of vintage suitcases which function as tables on the ground floor.

cuisine: Breakfast & Lunch

address: 61-67 Old Street
EC1V 9HW London

website: Timberyard

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