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Edinburgh - eat - Urban Angel

Urban Angel

Seasonal, sustainable, fair-trade food with a Mediterranean flair.

At Urban Angel they LOVE food. They say so themselves and it's true. They believe carefully sourced produce should be for everyday and so are fully committed to local sourcing as well as organic, free range & fair trade produce for a repertoire that spans everything from brunch, lunch, great cakes, sandwiches & salads to three course dinners. Mains are solid and competent and many of the larger dishes can be ordered as a starter or as a lighter main course. The tapas plates are great for sharing ...or not.. ;) Such as: 'Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella with olive & herb bruschetta' or 'sweet potato + spinach tortilla with feta salad'. Their tasty little treats all pass muster..


Seasonal, local, organic, sustainable - It tastes really, really good and is better for you!

cuisine: Modern European

address: 121 Hanover Street
EH2 1DJ Edinburgh

phone: 013 1225 6215

website: Urban Angel

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