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London - eat - Wapping Food

Wapping Food

Food, art and rusty machinery mix in a cavernous power station

I have actually heard this place being called a 'Marmite venue', meaning you either love it or you hate it.. The Wapping project is a gallery / restaurant located in a cavernous (barely) converted hydraulic power station. Dine under towering ceilings on bare concrete floors surrounded by chains, large rusty pieces of machinery and candles by the hundred. They have an extensive all-Aussie wine menu and dishes are simple but successful, such as a starter of baked fig, pancetta, gorgonzola & walnut vinaigrette or a roast sea bream, tomato, Dorset crab & potato croquette as a main. When I was there I had a gin & tonic sorbet for dessert which was lussshhh..


Personally I love Marmite.. I think the setting is wonderful, the food good and after your meal you can check out what else is on as The Wapping Project hosts all kinds of compelling performances and exhibitions.

cuisine: Modern European

address: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Hall
E1W 3SG London

phone: 020 7680 2080

website: Wapping Food

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